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My wife and I stayed at the QUALITY INN & SUITES AT METRO CENTER at the 9455 N. Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, AZ, 85021, US location on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 for one night for my birthday. We stayed in a Suite, 1 Queen Bed room - Non Smoking.

When we arrived at 6:30pm, the check in desk was empty with a sign stating that they desk person would be back in 15 minutes. 25 minutes later she (Richelle) returned with no word of apology. Not a good first impression to be honest and first impressions are a staple in my books! I had two large birthday badges on, and during the whole stay, none of the staff acknowledged them or said happy birthday. I think a 3-star hotel has the capability to say happy birthday, don't you?

I attempted to go the toilet downstairs, however, it smelt rancid and was unclean and very dirty. We took the screeching elevator to the 2nd floor by accident to be greeted by a vending machine that has a partially ripped sign saying "NO REFUNDS". Somebody has written on the glass in Sharpie pen: "OUT OF ORDER". Coins were jammed in the slot and the food looked like it had been sitting a long time. We took the stairs up to floor 3, where we were staying, and noticed Miller Light cans sprinkled along the corridors.

When we arrived at our hotel room, the bottom corner of the door was damaged. We walked into the room and noticed dark stains on the chair and curtains. There was also a cigarette hole in the curtain. This is a non-smoking room! If somebody did smoke, they would have fined them $150 as per the agreement set by the hotel. However, no part of this $150 was used to replaced these aged and burnt curtains prior to our stay.

The carpet was also ripped up in front of the fridge and the nails were exposed. My wife cut her foot on these later that evening. The trash can under the sink had pink pen graffiti on it and the cooker also had a huge dent in the hood. This was room 302, free free to check it! I took plenty of pictures and a video of everything we had encountered so far.

We went downstairs and decided to use the 24 hour fitness room. Quoted from the website:

: "Amenity highlights: In addition to an outdoor pool, Quality Inn & Suites at Metro Center provides a spa tub and a 24-hour fitness center.". The door sign stated the Fitness Center closed at 10pm, so not 24 hours. We went into the Fitness Center and found a broken elliptical (It did not power on at all) and a treadmill. When you use the treadmill, the belt sticks when you put your foot down! It's very dangerous and I nearly fell off. The belt is very old and needs replacing. I told the receptionist about this and she just grunted.

We decided to use the pool after this. The webpage states that the hotel has a heated outdoor pool. Not true at all. This cigarette-ridden pool was indeed very cold. The official Quality Inn website ( and the website both state that the hotel has a "Outdoor Whirlpool/Hot Tub". Simply not true. There is no whirlpool at all. There is no jacuzzi button, just a hot circle pool with only two working jets. There was also soil in the bottom and around the edges. The safety bar to get into the tub is also very loose. I have many pictures of this! Upon our way back into the hotel via the rear entrance, we noticed a HUGE pile of trash next to the back door. Beer cans were oozing out of the bags all over the floor and it smelt rancid.

We wife went to spoke to Richelle who was working on reception at the time in Spanish. Both websites aforementioned state that the Quality Inn has "Multi-Lingual Staff". This was FAR from true... and after the previous events, why would we be surprised now?

The website states there is a "Gift shops/newsstands". There is no gift shop and if a news-stand includes 2 newspapers on a small table in the lobby, then granted!

The official website states: "High Speed Internet". Again, not true. The WIFI also cuts out when accessing it from Floor 3 ALL of the time. Both WIFI hotspots: 'Quality Inn' and 'Quality Inn 25'. The down rate is less than 1MBp/s and the upload speed barely registered.

The 'Hot Breakfast' which is mentioned on the website consists of a metal rectangular bucket of sausage franks. If this bucket were not there, the breakfast would be classed as a continental breakfast.

Again, I have videos and pictures of this. I have attached some to this review so you can see I'm not just blowing hot air.

We were very disappointed with our stay and expected better. We paid a little extra to stay at this place rather than the Castle Inn and other similar 2 star hotels. You ruined my birthday and I would like a refund on my stay of $58.54. Anything extra you may offer is a bonus, but I would appreciate my money back. My wife and I both had a terrible experience.

I would appreciate a response and a reasonable resolution within 7 days before I have to escalate this further. I do not want a typical "We will talk to our staff to better our services", then is not a resolution, the damage has been done. If I am offered a satisfactory resolution, I will not escalate this any further.

Thanks for listening and see the summary of our feedback below...

In summary:

Cigarette holes in curtains

Carpet pulled up and nails exposed in our room. Cut my wife's foot

Curtains stained

Chair arms stained

Rubbish bin graffiti'd on

Vending machine on second floor out of order and graffiti'd on

Elevators making loud noises and doors have been etched with a knife or other sharp object

Fire escape signs marked with a scribe

Beer cans littered the corridors

Ourdoor pool not heated (Website incorrect)

Hot tub is not a whirlpool and only 2 jets work (Website incorrect)

There is no gift shop (Website incorrect)

Not all staff are multi-lingual (Website incorrect)

Reception is never staffed all of the time

Fitness Center is not 24 hours (Website incorrect)

Fitness Center is not classed as a Fitness Center when both machines are broken

False information quoted from website:

"Amenity highlights: In addition to an outdoor pool, Quality Inn & Suites at Metro Center provides a spa tub and a 24-hour fitness center."

Multilingual staff

24-hour front desk

Gift shops/newsstands

False information quoted from the official website:

"High Speed Internet"

"Multi-Lingual Staff"he Hotel

"Exercise Room"

"Outdoor Whirlpool/Hot Tub"



9455 N. Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, AZ, 85021, US

Phone: (602) 395-0900 Fax: (602) 395-1900

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $59.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, Hotel room, Dirtyness.

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I'm suprised you found a hotel for $60 in Phoenix. While you have valid complaints about the website being incorrect you seem to be nitpicking.

They didn't wish you happy birthday? Get over yourself.

to Anonymous #1127399

Plenty of hotels in Phoenix for $0. Do your research.

and also posting as anonymous....

Doesn't take a genius to work out that YOU are the Quality Inn posting. Just the low life *** that any body would expect

to Anonymous #1251837


to Anonymous #1127409

Having piles of trash in the room and cigarette holes in a non-smoking room hotel is not 'nitpicking'. It's about getting what you paid for.

If everybody accepted what they received, then there would be no need for this website and this whole country would turn third world.

You obviously work at or for the hotel.

Why else would you take the time to be the only commenter and come across all passive aggressive.

I WILL get my refund, you just wait. This gives me a lot more motivation now

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